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What Is The Mandatory Entry Level Training (M.E.L.T)

What is Mandatory Entry Level Training?

It’s known here in Canada, that as far as entry level jobs go, it is hard to beat commercial truck driving. This industry offers good pay, lifestyle, job security, and is less time intense to become qualified for.  Since 2017, the interest in becoming a Commercial truck driver has peaked. This has means you must go through Mandatory Entry Level Training (M.E.L.T. for short) before the road test for a Class A license can be taken. We are one of the leaders in this area in Canada. We thought we’d share an inside look at the M.E.L.T. program for those considering signing up for our truck driver training course.

oppa 888 casino What is M.E.L.T?

Well, that’s a good first question! Like mentioned above, M.E.L.T. stands for Mandatory Entry Level Training. It is a requirement before getting a class A license in Ontario, as well as many other provinces. It helps create safer roads by making sure Commercial truck drivers receive professional training that is held to a higher standard. Prior to this requirement,  individuals were getting licenses without having the right training, which led to many serious problems and risks for all road users.  Most agree, M.E.L.T. has been good for the industry and for the general public too.

http://kuferkizdrewna.pl/72293-para-que-es-el-gabapentin-300-mg-66021/ About the M.E.L.T. Program

The M.E.L.T. program consists of at least 103.5 hours of instruction from a professional institution. Training occurs in a classroom, in range and in truck. The training provided will cover all of skills needed to operate a commercial truck safely.  This ensures that an entry level driver has received the appropriate instruction and is competent in their ability to operate a transport truck. Once the M.E.L.T. program has been completed, the school is able to update the driver’s license which opens the door for them to be able to take the class A road test. After that, expect the job opportunities to be right around the corner!

rencontre gratuit rennes Benefits of the M.E.L.T Program

The first big benefit of completing our M.E.L.T. program is that it will truly get you ready for a high paying job in the trucking industry, potentially a life changing opportunity. M.E.L.T. is a must. This training also gives confidence to employers who are considering hiring new drivers without much or any experience. Who can blame them for wanting to make sure their truck is in good, competent hands? This is a program that gets you ready to become a professional truck driver in more ways than one.

ivomec for pregnant dogs Unna Who Needs M.E.L.T. Training?

  • Those who want to take a Class A road test here in Ontario.
  • Those who have a restricted Class A license and haven’t taken the test but want to upgrade their license to a full Class A.
  • Those who have had a license but it has become invalid, for one reason or another, for three years or longer and need to take the test again.
  • Those who have a commercial license from another country.
  • Drivers who have a Class 1 license from other provinces for less than a year.

Those with a full Class A license, do NOT need to take the M.E.L.T. program.

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That’s easy. We firmly believe that you should take our M.E.L.T. program here at http://lexfam.com/29187-priligy-60-mg-yorum-17009/ A1 Transportation Academy. We have a remarkable team of instructors with a proven record of success. Our students contact us all of the time to tell us how much they enjoy their jobs as Commercial truck drivers and we have a great relationship with a long list of trucking companies. Our reputation is spotless for a very good reason. Transportation training is our passion!


What’s the Cost?

Contact us to get the latest prices for our full course. The program can be expected to last five to six weeks, followed by your road test. For those who need a payment program or who are interested in what kind of other financial aid options are available, we encourage you to contact us today. Why wait when it comes to starting a new life, with a promising work future?

For more information, to sign up or to get any questions answered, visit us at https://www.a1ta.ca/az-melt-driver-training or contact us at 905-754-0578 or 905-754-0579.

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