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A1 Transportation Academy: Truck Driving Classes That Open the Door to an $8000 a Month Career Start Soon

A1 Transportation Academy - Truck Driving Classes

2020 has been hard for a great many people’s careers in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. One great paying vocation is still in as much, or more demand than ever. Truck Driving. Ontario’s A1 Transportation Academy’s truck training is accepting students who would like to get their Class A – M.E.LT Driver license or Dispatch Training certification. Contact us to book a free consultation. You can reach us at 905-754-0578 or 905-754-0579 or our visit our website www.a1ta.caWe are open Monday to Saturday to help you.

Commercial truck driving is a vocation that pays extremely well and a person between 18 and 55 can qualify relatively quickly with the right training. Leading the way in this area in Mississauga, Ontario is A1 Transportation Academy. The school provides remarkably well-reviewed Class A license instruction on a flexible schedule and, importantly for many, with flexible payment plans including financing are available. A1 Transportation Academy is frequently referred to as one of Canada’s absolute best truck driving school with over 190+ Google Reviews. An equally well respected Truck Dispatcher course is also now accepting students.

All that said, there’s many good reasons to take the step forward and become a licensed commercial truck driver. Let’s look at some of the most compelling aspects of this career:

Truck Drivers Are in BIG Demand. A smart and cautious person, with responsibilities, will likely consider if there’s a demand for a position they are training for before they enroll in a school. The hard truth right now is that many areas of study that are extremely uncertain for the time being, while others that were formerly very active have left many looking for other type of work. Commercial truck drivers do not have this problem. In fact, they are in just as much in demand as ever. This alone should make A1 Transportation Academy something to consider for those who want or need a position where they can likely find work quickly, after completing training and obtaining their Class A license and certification.

Truck Driving Pays Well. For a job that doesn’t require a University degree or long years of apprenticeship and experience building, it doesn’t get much better than truck driving when it comes to pay. Starting off in the neighborhood of $8,000 a month is a reasonable expectation. Compare this to just about anything else starting off and driving a truck wins when it comes to pay, hands down.

M.E.L.T. Truck Driving program is Short in length. Even when attending classes and training on a flexible schedule, A1 Transportation Academy is much, much shorter than trying to get a University degree or any other vocational option that actually can lead to a good paycheck. This makes driving a truck a very good decision for those who need a new start, fast, if they have a family or other responsibility that they cannot neglect. Also, its ideal for the young men or women who is out of High School and wants to start a career as soon as possible.

Truck Drivers Can Often Work Very Flexible Schedules. For those who’d like to not be committed to a 40 hour, Monday to Friday “traditional” job for decades, truck driving can be an easy alternative. Since truck drivers are generally in such demand this opens the door to working quite flexible schedules as long as these are agreed to in advance. This allows many drivers to schedule time off with their loved ones and not only be able to count on very good paychecks but also on being able to have more active relationships than they would otherwise have if working in another field. This flexibility also involves being able to work much more often if making as much money as possible is more interesting to the driver. It’s largely up to them.

Of course, there’s many other benefits to being a professional truck driver. But when considering the major ones, it should be quite easy to see what a life changing for the better decision going to A1 Transportation Academy can be. The excellent training, experienced instructors, remarkable success rate makes it an ideal choice. A1 Transportation Academy is also registered with TTSAO and PCC Approved. While the opportunity is still available and demand continues to rise, the time to jump onboard for many is as soon as possible. There’s nothing to lose.

Don’t believe the hype that trucking will be gone in any of our lifetimes. Freight companies demand is monstrous here in Canada and will continue to be so. The online shopping explosion is going to fuel the demand for drivers even further. Most companies have positions that stay unfilled and they can’t wait to get a graduate of A1 Transportation Academy who is properly trained, dually licensed and certified to come on board. Not only will they have a new driver but they will have one who has been trained properly at a top school, who understands the ins and outs of driving, how to be safe, and much more.

Truck Driving may not be for everyone but for those who like to drive and travel, who appreciate being able to be independent, and make money on their own, who like not having a schedule carved in stone, it doesn’t get much better.

Contact the team at A1 Transportation Academy today and take the big step to a brighter future in 2021 and beyond. You can reach us to get a free consultation at 905-754-0578 or 905-754-0579 or our visit our website www.a1ta.caWe are open Monday to Saturday to help you.

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